Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
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What services does FinFlx offer?
FinFlx offers an end to end gratuity management solution for SMEs. It starts with an administrative platform, for HR department to manage employee records, Finance department to forecast gratuity contributions, and monitor the balances in company gratuity fund, and for Senior Management to have an overall view of company’s gratuity liability and coverage. We then help SMEs create a segregated, and professionally managed gratuity fund to offset their existing liability and protect their financial position while retaining their top talents.
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What company size is FinFlx for?
FinFlx offers gratuity management solutions for businesses of all sizes, whether you are a team of 5 or 500, we have built our platform to scale with your business. You get the same quality of support, the same awesome technology and the best workplace saving plan.
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Do we need to setup any software to use FinFlx?
No. FinFlx platform is a web based, meaning your team members can access it from any desktop or laptop that is connected to the internet. With great flexibility for distributed team and employers that offer WFH policies.
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Can my company try FinFlx first?
Of course, we understand that implementing a workplace savings plan is significant project and it involves multiple departments. That’s why, we offer by default a ONE MONTH free trial. Anyone from the administrative team can sign up and invite other team members from other departments to run and manage the process with them.
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What services do I get during the trial period?
You get full access to all the functions available by FinFlx. Your HR team will be able to add employee details and calculate gratuity liability, you Finance department will be able to create a contribution plan to fund that liability, and the Senior Management gets to review and approve or reject this plan, all collaboratively through the platform. [Notice] FinFlx will not be able to create a gratuity fund or accept deposits (contributions) from your business until it’s fully onboarded and compliance (KYB/AML) process is complete.
Getting Started
What happens after the trial ends?
After the trial ends, you and your team may decide to: Continue to use FinFlx services, and join the Gratuity Scheme using the same employee records you added during the trial. In this case your company will be officially onboarded and we welcome you to the FinFlx family. Continue to use FinFlx services but wish to start fresh with new employee records and restructure your admin team. In this case, all you need to do is “Reset Account” and you will get a fresh start. Stop using FinFlx services, and wish to delete all your employee records. In this case, all you need to do is inform FinFlx support team of your decision and all your company and employee records will be safely deleted from our systems.