Manage your Gratuity Liability on auto-pilot.

Easily create & manage your gratuity fund and earn 4% interest calculated daily.

Regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority in the UAE

FinFlx dashboard which helps HR manage their gratuity in the UAE.

4% Interest Rate

Put your corporate cash to work with a 4% interest rate savings account, calculated daily, credited monthly to your account.

No Lock In Period

All deposits with FinFlx can be withdrawn at any time. No lock in period giving you full control over your cash.

Safe & Secure

FinFlx is regulated by FSRA in the UAE and uses banking-grade software. All deposits are held in the custody of Emirates NBD.

Why choose FinFlx

Easy to set up, Easy to manage

Gratuity Calculations
Understand your gratuity liability in minutes.
Upload your employees' data or connect to your HR systems and automatically keep your gratuity calculations up to date.
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Easy & secure data sharing
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Always compliant with the latest UAE labor law
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Avoid potential fines
Regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).
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Gratuity Simulations
Run gratuity simulations in minutes
Get a clearer picture while taking important decisions by understanding how certain decisions can impact your gratuity liability.
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Unlimited Simulations
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Easily & securely share with Finance & Management
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Trusted by companies across the UAE
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Manage your Gratuity with
Full visibility and control.
Our web platform allows you to collaborate between departments and stay on top of your gratuity seamlessly.
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Earn high interest on all gratuity savings, with full flexibility
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Gratuity Calculations always compliant the Labor Law
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Run multiple simulations
Regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority in the UAE.
All money are held safely in the custody of Emirates NBD.
a visual showing an example of a custom gratuity overview using the FinFlx gratuity management platform

Cover your gratuity liability today

Start adapting your cashflow to the new Alternative Gratuity Scheme required by the new UAE Labor Law

We are regulated b the Financial Services Regulatory Authority in the UAE.

Make Monthly Gratuity Contributions
Receive reminders of your required gratuity contributions on a monthly basis to maintain the desired gratuity liability coverage.
Visual of a custom gratuity plan
Earn daily interest
on your Gratuity Fund
Act on your gratuity scheme by investing your funds in the most flexible high interest savings account in the UAE.
FinFlx dashboard showing an overview of a gratuity Fund.

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1 Billion AED governmental fund to invest in startups in the UAE.
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